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Nov 8, 2012 7:00am EST
colonial flag is a visible sign of rising discontent in a city with calls of one-person, one-vote, grow stronger every year. the chinese government says this city make it universal suffrage as early as 2017. but despite talk about the importance of political reform by mr. hu, the lack of progress in china itself means many people question the sincerity of that promise. that is why the activists are targeting beijing's liaison office in western hong kong to protest when that party will. the mistrust of government stands at the highest level in more than a decade. and the bad feeling is likely to continue as long as china hold onto its authoritarian ways. bbc news, hong kong. >> that is the situation in hong kong. elsewhere, four tibetans have set themselves on fire in a protest against chinese rule. according to the organization free tibet, the 15-year-old tibetan monk has died -- they set themselves a light in zeshan province where many self immolations have taken place. let's talk about the speech given today, early this morning, by president hu jintao. to discuss it with me, i have a
Nov 12, 2012 7:00am EST
have left more than two-thirds of the libyan -- italian city of venice submerged. thousands have been forced to flee. 70% of venice has been flooded, and more than 200 people evacuated from their homes in tuscany because of severe weather. a combination of the heavy rains and strong winds did caused the flooding and many have been evacuated from the area. let's talk to alan johnston and has been covering this from rome. what are you hearing there? >> this is a kind of year when dennis knows it must brace for flooding. this is a time of year for these weeks in autumn, where large, high tide surges through the city on occasion quite commonly. but what we have seen over the last 24 hours has been something extraordinary. the six highest tides since records began back about 130 years ago. at one point, as he said, 70% of venice was under water yesterday. strong, southerly winds coming up the adriatic, driving mass of water into venice's lagoon. and torrential rain across a large swath of northern italy, into the rivers that feed into the lagoon as well. i have to say, though, fortunately
Nov 13, 2012 7:00am EST
system that sent 70 cities under water on sunday. there's been more tension along the disputed border between israel and syria known as the golden heights. israel has fired on a syrian army post. it says it was responding to stray fire from fighting between syrian government forces and rebels. israel's seized the golden heights in 1967. the u.n. has been in place on the cease-fire line since. let's get more from golden heights. good to see you. what's going on there today? >> well, so far we've been hearing some pretty heavy exchange of gunfire on the syrian side of the heights. that's the ongoing fighting that's been happeninging at the cease-fire line basically. as far as this sight, the occupied sight, things have been very quiet today. there have been so far no reported incidents of mortar shells falling on the occupied side on the israeli population areas. we did however see some israeli machinery at work along the anti-tank tunnels. these are the tunnels that are built along the buffer zone, along the cease-fire line and they have been, it's really army machinery has been diggin
Nov 9, 2012 7:00am EST
of violence this week in syria. government forces have bombarded several cities, and there were clashes on the ground with the group, the free syrian army. damascus was no exception. warplanes have been firing at the eastern suburbs of the city, and artillery shelling on opposition-held areas much the number of civilians killed this week exceeded 500, including women and children. but the free syrian army is also moving closer to the center of the city, trying to gain ground. they had claimed attacks on government strongholds, including a military air force. the government denies those claims, but did accuse terrorist groups of attacks on neighborhoods. neighborhoods were attacked this week. they are inheart by residents loyal to president assad and are predominantly of the minority group. these were the first attacks of sectarian nature. they feel oppression by islamic radical group who the government says are rising in number. these groups, the government says, are paid by conservatives and trying to destabilize the country in its secular nature. so far there hasn't been any political
Nov 15, 2012 7:00am EST
the last 15 minutes. a lot of explosions north of gaza city. that has been going on all morning. five palestinians were killed today. they are all hamas fighters, which brings the total to 13 cents yesterday including civilians, children, and a young baby. all of its board yesterday with israel killing -- targeting one leaderssenior hamas whose funeral is taking place today. it is a potential flashpoint. there are a few senior hamas officials here but i expect many of them are in hiding in underground bunkers. it started out as a relatively quiet night but then things started to pickup. we have seen a vapor trail of palestinian rockets being fired across the border all morning. there have been casualty's. in gaza, more casualties at. at least three militants killed today. there have been civilians killed as well in the course of the past 24 hours including children and a young baby. the fear is this could be the start of another war. >> he is a very high rank person in gaza. he is a national icon. everyone is calling for a response. i do not see a near end. >> what do you think of the
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5